Top mindset tips for reframing comparison

Be honest have you ever…

  • Compared your parenting to someone else?
  • Compared your body to someone else?
  • Compared your career progression to someone else?
  • Compared your relationships (love, friendship & family) to someone else’s?

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It’s a natural human emotion to compare ourselves to someone else. It comes from envy, desire & jealousy. All natural feelings. However they can be toxic! Especially in the world of social media. We scroll & compare. We focus on our negatives & their strengths. It’s a comparison loop! Most of us have done it at some point in our lives. However we can change the way we see it & stop it from being toxic.


My tips to reframing comparison

  • Reframe your mindset from comparing yourself to someone, to being inspired by them! Usually we compare ourselves to someone similar to us or a few steps ahead of us. When we feel inspired by someone, we change the narrative we tell ourselves. Inspired is positive! What inspires you about that person. What can you learn from them?
  • Remove people from your feed that you constantly compare yourself to. If you find yourselves endlessly scrolling & comparing yourself to someone online, remove it. Curate your feed! You’re in control
  • We compare because we feel a lack in ourselves. Focus on your strengths! Not someone else’s. Write your strengths on the notes in your phone & remind yourself daily. Have a daily pop up to remind you what you have to offer in the world!
  • Remind yourself you’re comparing your chapter 1-4 to someone else’s chapter 10-14… we always forget this
  • Work on your inner confidence. Very important! If we lack confidence in ourselves, we end up in a comparison cycle/loop
  • You compare because you want what they have or where they are. Take action. Break down the steps you’re taking to make it happen for you
  • interrupt the thought pattern with reminding yourself you’re seeing a percentage of someone’s life! Not all of it. Bring that thought back to reality not fantasy