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Monday Motivation | I Love Myself

I’ve started learning how to love myself… This is a huge statement. I adore the way I look and I’m so obsessed with myself – is this what you’re thinking? Thought so. In fact, this isn’t how i feel at all. I’ve just decided to take control of my negative thoughts and turn them into positive […]

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Monday Motivation | Six Snacks Away From A Bikini Body | Health & Fitness Tips

Christmas is long gone, January blues flew by and Easter has just finished. Next stop, Summer. It’s apparent it’s that time of year again, with retailers stocking monokinis and we see more beautiful women in bikinis on our Instagram feed. It’s time to start thinking about our summer bodies again. In my previous post, I wrote about finding […]

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Monday Motivation Struggles |Dealing with Hypothyroidism|Health & Fitness Tips

We all struggle finding the motivation to eat healthy and keep on top of our fitness regimes. I’d like to believe even the #instafit ladies (those girls who champion #strongisthenewsexy with the big round booty’s on IG) do too. However all I see is super fit women posing with abs of steel and buns that could […]

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