Success Stories

  • Jessica Sheppard

    It’s no exaggeration to say that working with Charlotte has completely changed me for the better. Life coaching was something I had been thinking about for a while but had never taken that final step forward to commit to it. After getting in contact with Charlotte and having an initial call with her, I straight away knew I had found the right person to help me move past life experiences and improve my overall outlook. She is so easy to talk to and after each session I felt like I had taken a huge step forward to where I wanted to be.

    My only regret is that I didn’t get in touch with her sooner! After years of struggling with experiences that clouded parts of my life, I finally feel like I am the person I want to be – happier, more confident and more motivated – and without Charlotte I certainly wouldn’t have got there. She has given me tools and techniques that I know I can use to overcome any blockers that come up in the future. I have just made the decision to extend my coaching due to the tremendous value I place on my sessions with her and I know I will really miss them when they come to an end! I cannot thank her enough.

  • Charlotte Jonsie Life Coaching Testimonial

    Charlotte Kerr

    I went into coaching incredibly unsure of myself, unable to find focus and lacking confidence in almost every aspect of my life. Charlotte helped me navigate my problems and channel my energy into a few specific actions each week.

    As we went through the sessions each time I was discovering more about myself and reframing thoughts to get rid of negative ones.

    We worked on my confidence to look for a job that would give me more satisfaction and make me feel like a better role model for my daughter. I now feel ready to take the next step in my career which I never would have done before coaching.

    Charlotte has changed my whole outlook on life over just 6 sessions, I have built a healthy relationship with exercise and formed new positive habits.

    I can genuinely say I am a happy most of the time now and that’s all down to Charlotte and her excellent coaching.

  • Chloe Norris

    Before I started my sessions with Charlotte, I was so nervous that I didn’t have a proper ‘goal’. I thought life coaching would really need to have this huge end goal of achieving something spectacular, and I expected to feel embarrassed that my wants and motivations weren’t enough. It was exactly the opposite – the first few ‘discovery’ sessions were invaluable, helping me to learn and shape what success and happiness really felt like for me, what areas of my life I felt comfortable with already and what areas I really wanted to focus my efforts in. I’ve been quite successful in my career and professional life, so my areas of focus were very different to that kind of coaching. Charlotte was incredible at working with any aspect of life, and I felt that the breakdown she used really helped me to compartmentalise my own focus and thoughts around what I want. I also truly felt like she was only focused on what my version of happiness or success is, which I feel is so important. We are all too quick to think about societies version of this, rather than looking inside at who we are and what we care about. My ‘goal’ ended up being something really small and may have sounded almost intangible to anyone else, but it was actually so important to me and really gave me clarity and perspective on what I wanted to work on and how I wanted to feel. I felt like Charlotte really understood me and related to me which made her so easy to open up to. There was absolutely no judgement, only support and cheerleading! One of my biggest blockers was a deep fear of failure, something I’ve known about for years and have worked on with my counsellor. Charlotte helped me to understand it in a different way and she made a real difference to my mindset.

    Charlotte utilised so many tools and techniques throughout the sessions, and in the last session I realised that a few of them had really stuck with me and I’d taken them away to use myself subconsciously. I’m glad she used so many because you can’t possibly know what works for you or what will stick without trying! A few of the techniques I thought would be more relevant for me ended up being the ones that didn’t stick as easily, so I can honestly say that she taught me so much. I’ve always loved self-improvement and learning, so this is no small feat! After every call I felt like my motivation, clarity and perspective on everyday life was re-tuned, and it was such a good feeling. I knew the direction I wanted to follow and what steps I could actually take to try and get there. I miss it already – thank you Charlotte!

  • Louna Walker

    Charlotte being my coach has helped me realise and unlock the mental tools I already have within me to thrive and succeed in what I want in life and achieving my goals. Some people may go into life coaching expecting the coach to do everything and to hold the answers for them, but for me I wanted someone to help me, help myself. That Is exactly what Charlotte has done and continues to do.

    Charlotte has helped me become aware of my hurdles, mentally, emotionally, physically and also spiritually and has helped me find the best ways personally to tackle, face and overcome them. She has an individual person based approach to the sessions and you can see that she adapts to my story and my goals in a way that makes our journey together through the sessions very much focused on my individual needs and pathways.

    Charlotte doesn’t just hear, she listens. She responds in a way that makes me feel heard and understood and we set out my goals and wants In life and find how we can get there. She has given me the confidence in myself to face, knock down and overcome the hardest challenges to be on the right path to my biggest goals and we continue to do so. These sessions are refreshing and almost have given me a new lease of life, motivation and passion to succeed!

  • Sotira Georgiou

    I didn’t know what to expect before I started coaching sessions with Charlotte but with her help, we quickly identified areas of my life that I felt needed my attention, which was my career and professional development. This set me on a journey to overcome self-doubt, restore my confidence and recognise what I really was good at. In turn this has helped me to get onto the right path. I’ve now moved into a role in an industry that is perfect for me. Through these sessions Charlotte taught me that Coaching is all about breaking things down, overcoming short term obstacles and changing my mindset in order to get to where I want to be, whether it be next week, next month or in 5 years time.

  • Emily Harvey

    I’m 100% happy with the 1:1 coaching sessions I had with Charlotte. She set me tasks to enable me to work towards reaching my goals and gave me the confidence to move forwards with them. After each session with Charlotte I came away feeling very positive. Every session gave me a better outlook on the things and I am  clearer in what I need to achieve along my journey. She has given me the confidence within myself and really changed my mindset for the better! She has been a fantastic Coach and I would highly recommend her.