Chic and Curvy | Paris Fashion Week SS17

Part of my job is to attend London and Paris fashion week to create content for the beauty company I work for. I love it and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities that have come my way because of it.
However something dawned on me yesterday when I returned from PFW. I felt under pressure to perform the whole weekend and by this i mean dress like a fashionista, suck in my tummy and smile (or pout if you prefer). If you have ever felt like this, then please read on, i’d like to think it might help you.
Fashion shows are mayhem! There is photographers and TV crews everywhere trying to snap models, celebs, bloggers and street style. Everywhere you look there is a camera in front of you or below you (yep people even get on the floor to snap the shoes you’re wearing). It’s quite insane! I watched the models, experienced bloggers and celebs work the camera and I envy their confidence. I wish I had some of that. But I kept thinking they are tiny, they have the most amazing figures and they’re wearing the latest designer trends. Why would they have to worry?
I’m a 5ft nothing with blue hair and curves. My hips are wide, my bottom sticks out and so does my belly after a piece of bread. All I have to do is look at a doughnut and it will go straight to my hips! If you’re like me, you’ll understand the struggles and why I felt under pressure at these events to “perform.” The photographers do not care about me, I’m nobody! But trust me, they still snap away. The most frightening experience was stepping on to the red carpet to enter the L’Oreal Paris Gold Obsession party. We had to stop on the red carpet for photos with the paps. I freaked out! What do you do in that situation? I felt like a wally! Instead of panicking in these unexpected situations we need to own them, this is one thing I’ve learned from fashion week this season.
Over the last few weeks, I’ve been surrounded by very slim gorgeous models, including Taylor Hill and Gigi Hadid. It would be ignorant of me to think models, celebs and bloggers don’t worry about how they look in these situations. Of course they do! But they carry confidence and wear clothes that suits them. Us curvy girls can too!
We all feel under pressure to look good in photographs, whether it’s a party, wedding or girls night out. We have to understand what fashion suits us and what doesn’t. The 6ft model wearing a bralet over a ruffle shirt will look incredible on her, but we will most probably look like a meringue gone wrong.
I’ve always loved fashion and adore the latest trends. However I can’t always wear them because of my body shape. I understand what works for me and i make the most of what I have. I just need to work on the confidence part. I’m sure there’s many ladies who feels the same. If you haven’t already, you must check out Jada Sezer, an inspirational woman who is championing curvy girls in the fashion industry.
See below what I wore to the Giambattista Valli and Olympia Le Tan shows at PFW and why I chose to wear this outfit.



is perfect for curvy girls. This jumpsuit from Missguided is loose around the stomach and thighs and clinches the waist in. The vertical lines will make you look slightly taller and slimmer. NEVER opt for horizontal lines it will make you look wider.



is perfect for looking fashionable, it never goes out of fashion. If you want to hide your arms, pop it over your shoulders for a fashionable statement.



are on trend. My advice to anyone who says they can’t wear the latest trends, is if you can’t wear the clothes wear statement pieces instead, like this choker from ASOS.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Attitude is everything! Even if you don’t have much confidence deep down, act like you do! It’s hard, but people will view you differently. You have to believe in yourself and work with the body you have. You can look hot and fashionable, believe it! Shoes are from Asos.



I can’t always afford designer handbags (wish I could) like these models and celebs can. If you can’t either, make sure the bag matches your outfit and the detail is simple so it looks expensive. Nobody will notice if it’s not designer if it blends in with your outfit 😉 I opted for a small clutch from Koko Couture.



it’s the best policy in any situation because it will hide all your fears.

All images were taken by the gorgeous Victoria, In The Frow